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Valentina Homem is a Brazilian artist based in New York, holding an MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, US. In 2016 she was Flaherty Seminar fellow, a resident at the Millay Colony and a guest filmmaker at the AWID Forum. Valentina’s most recent short film, Abigail (17’, 2016), premiered at the Director’s Fortnight, Cannes 2016 and has since been selected to over 20 festivals in 8 countries. Brócolis (13’, 2015), her first short narrative, has premiered in international festivals and has been selected to the Biennial Edition of Cinewomen. Her artistic research and work lie at the intersections between documentary, performance and installation. Between 2002 and 2010, she directed Granny (6’, 2002), With a Camera (4’, 2006), Speak Up! (17’, 2005), Landscaping (37’, 2007), New Order (5’, 2010) – all of which premiered at several international film festivals and conferences and aired on TV in Brazil. She has integrated the artistic collective Bota na Roda (, through which she created and exhibited the 4 channel video installation The Tale of The Void (US/Brazil, 2013/2014). During her residency at FITEI ( she created and presented the solo performance Is The Transformation (in fact) Silent? (Portugal, 2015). In 2015 Valentina performed as an actress in Right Song, Wrong Chord, by Ugandan filmmaker Judith Adong and as a dancer and creative collaborator in The Forest, by Helian Zhang. Currently she has is dedicated to a few work in progress: her first feature documentary, Curandero, in collaboration with filmmaker Ricardo D’Aguiar (in post production); the first piece of the video series Learning to Die (in editing); the solo performance Last Dance For Grandma In Three Acts – an ongoing project in collaboration with the Japanese Butoh artist Yukio Suzuki and the stage director Fernanda Bond; the short animation The Tale of The Yellow Girl (in pre-production); and the interactive documentary The Secret of Abigail, (in development).



+ The Prize of Documentary for Abigail – Semana dos Realizadores, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)

+ Canal Curta aquisition award for ABIGAIL – Kinoforum Film Festical, São Paulo (Brasil) + Flaherty Seminar Fellowship (USA)
+ Graduate Completion Grant for Last Dance For Grandma In Three Acts (USA)

+ Dean’s Grant for Last Dance For Grandma In Three Acts (USA)


+ Academic Fellowship Spring (USA)
+ Departmental project development grant for Last Dance For Grandma In Three Acts (USA) + Departmental distribution grant for Abigail (USA)
+ FUNCULTURA Post-production grant for Abigail – (Brazil)


+ Departmental distribution grant for Brocolis (USA)
+ MINC (Ministry of Culture Brazil) Completion Grant for Abigail – (Brazil)

+ Temple University – UPenn Exchange Award; (USA) + Departmental completion grant for Brócolis (USA) + Departmental distribution grant for Brócolis (USA)


+ Deans grant Fall12 (USA)


+ Por que a gente é assim? for the film New Order (Brazil) 2009

+ Feminism Tech Exchange AWID seed grant (South Africa)


+ AWID Access Funds, AWID Forum South Africa, 2008; (South Africa) + Feminist Tech Exchange – FTX meeting South Africa, (South Africa) + GFW The Power of Body Movements (USA/Brasil/South Africa)


+ GFW Grant, Feminism: Speak Up! (USA/Brasil/Thailand)
+ Nike Foundation Grant for the project Feminism: Speak Up! (USA/Brasil/Thailand) + AWID Access Funds, AWID Forum (Thailand)


+ MFA in Film & Media Arts, Temple University, United States. 2012/2016
+ Documentary Arts and Ethnographic Practices Certificate Temple University 2013/2016
+ Specialization in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Internacional de
Andalucía (, Spain. 2004
+ Specialization in Foreign Affairs at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de
Janeiro. 2002-2003;
+ BA in Social Communication / Major in Journalism at Pontificea Universidade Católica RJ, Brazil.



+ Director’s Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival (France)
+ Curtas Vila do Conde (Vila do Conde, Portugal)
+ Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de São Paulo – Kinoforum (Brasil) + CachoeiraDoc (Brazil)
+ Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro (Brasil)
+ Goiânia Mostra Curtas (Brasil)
+ Cortópolis (Argentina)
+ Fesancor (Chile)
+ Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife (Brasil)
+ Cine Esquema Novo (Brasil)
+ Festival de Cinema de Vitória (Brasil)
+ Panorama Coisa de Cinema da Bahia (Brasil)
+ Mostra Em Trânsito Fronteira festival (Brasil)
+ (Brasil)
+ Kinoarte (Brasil)
+ Semana dos Realizadores (Brasil)
+ Festival dei Popoli (Brasil)
+ Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Cuba)
+ Festcine (Brasil)
+ Bogoshorts (Colombia)
+ Mostra de Cine Internacional de Palencia (Spain)
+ Festival Internacional de Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)
+ FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica (Portugal) + Cine-Pe (Brasil)
+ Bota na Roda (Brasil)
+ Femina – Festival de Cine Feminino (Brasil)
+ Ibermedia (Spain)
+ Documenta Madrid (Spain)
+ Mostra do Filme Livre (Brasil)
+ Curta Cinema (Brasil)


+ Adjunct Professor for Race and Ethnicity in American Film Fall 2015
+ Teacher Assistant/Instructor for Media Arts 1, Media and Culture and Imaginary Cities, Fall 2014
+ Teacher Assistant/Instructor for Film and Media Arts II and Race and Ethnicity in American Film, Spring 2014
+ Teacher Assistant/Instructor for Introduction to Film and Video Analysis course, FMA/Temple University, Fall 2012
+ Instructor of the workshop Olho D’água with female rural workers in the Northeast of Brazil. 2003